Two books By BESTSELLING AUTHOR Michael S. Gutter


Never Again STILL MEANS Never Again

Book Two is appropriate for general audiences — the same important content without the dark humor, insults, expletives, and consistent anger.

Buy your copy today and enjoy Mike’s opinions (backed by facts) on more recent events as well. Explore the truth about your fellow citizens and coworkers who happen to be Jewish or minorities.

Never Again MEANS Never Again

Dismantling hate groups and other musings

If you are looking for a no-holds bar exposé on antisemitism and racial hatred, this book is for you. Author Michael Gutter takes readers deep into the belly and exposes a tremendous amount of lies and untruths regarding antisemitism, racism and more, that for whatever reason, still exists today.

And there’s more, much more. The book also takes a deep dive into WWII, the Holocaust, and the psychos who perpetuated it. The book also addresses a lot of Jewish American history with Jews’ roles in Hollywood, medicine, science, technology, and a lot more.

Furthermore, and with great importance, this book covers the current state of American Jewry and why changes need to be made NOW. We have a lot of strong organizations that need to immediately stop what they’re doing, regarding American Jewry and antisemitism, as IT’S NOT WORKING.

If you have been looking and looking for a book that finally asks the right questions and provides the answers for antisemitism, racism, homophobia and more…you can start by opening to page 1.

***SPOILER ALERT — be prepared for strong language. The G-rated version is available below.

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Together, we can create a paradigm shift to combat racism and xenophobia.

This website, blog, forum and Mike Gutter’s books are a four-pronged way to combat racism and the hate aimed at Jewish people and minorities in general.

It’s dedicated to those who need it most — the individuals who are involved in any type of hate group. There’s nothing quite like this project anywhere else.

If you identify as a hater or a xenophobe, then let’s see why. Perhaps you’ve been spoon-fed a pack of lies, believe those lies, and are spreading those lies about Jews and others. Maybe you’ve been raised to believe that some people are superior… and others, not so much.

So many have been indoctrinated into bias and prejudice against Jews and minorities, and it has to stop. This is our line in the sand.

Join us in this journey toward truth. Read the blog, weigh in on the forum, and buy the books to better understand where we are and where we need to be.

Best wishes from the Never Again team.

About the Jews

You’ll soon see that Jews are Little League dads and soccer moms, just like you. We go to work, mow our yards, and are good neighbors. Yet, we are defamed online. Our houses of worship and vandalized. We are physically attacked.

Rather than passively accepting this behavior, I have launched this project to combat racism in all its forms and push back against the persecution.

We All Should Combat Racism and Hateful Ideology

Your willingness to persecute others says a lot about your heart, mind, and soul. Sometimes, all it takes is a glimpse into the lives of your victims to realize how utterly wrong you are.

To the haters: this site gives you reasons to reevaluate your hate and shake off the stranglehold of malignant belief systems. Wouldn’t it be nice to transform into the human being you are meant to be and release your misplaced anger, blame, fear, and toxic mindset?

The Way Forward

Our goal is to help you realize that lies, exaggeration, and falsities are just that — a pathetic attempt to denigrate “those people.” It’s a terrible foundation upon which to build your life.

Navigate our site and learn more about those you hate — and why you shouldn’t hate at all. Absorb details about the generational suffering that Jews, Blacks, Hispanics, LGBTQ, and others have already endured. Your conscience will grow once you open yourself to the experiences of your fellow human beings.

You never know…perhaps someday you’ll have a mind shift and finally realize your issues and hatred of minorities were never the real problem, the real problem has always been You. You will be amazed and refreshed at how quickly all that hate will go away and is replaced by a new fulfillment. 

It’s never been about Jews, Blacks, Homosexuals, etc. the problem has always been YOU. Hopefully, this site opens your eyes to your ridiculous and misplaced hate and allows you to be welcomed back to a society that you can help contribute to and make better.


What’s Next?

 The Book

Winning Hearts and Minds to Combat Racism

Author Michael Gutter has written a Holocaust book that transcends World War II and addresses the ramifications of racism today. It’s a book like no other and a call to action.  The fallout of Hitler’s atrocities still affects Jews and minorities and will no longer be passively tolerated online or in person. Never again MEANS never again.

The Blog

Deep Dives into the Holocaust and Other Musings

I sincerely hope you’ll read my blog. I explore the horrors of the Holocaust and heart-wrenching Hitler-era photos (in the public domain) that help tell the tale of utter madness. I weigh in on other subjects, too, and will address some thought-provoking insights from the forum.

The Forum

What Say You?

Never before has a unique chat board like this existed, at least in my experience. I look forward to our discussions — and I’m eager to combat racism on all fronts. But I can’t do it alone. I invite all to sign up and weigh in. The back-and-forth might surprise you. Ask questions. Share opinions. Listen. Learn. Don’t be a jerk.

My Blog

Deep dive into all social issues.

I sincerely hope you read my blog. We will try and cover every facet of antisemitism, racism, homophobia and more. We will do this in a way that will have “fresh, new and relevant” topics that address our societal issues that exists today.

Furthermore, we will have a lot of guest bloggers, and we will certainly ask message board members over time.

DIGITAL JOURNAL: New book “Never Again Still Means Never Again” by Michael Gutter is released, a collection of writings on battling antisemitism, debunking hate group mistruths, and understanding Jewish history

DIGITAL JOURNAL: New book “Never Again Still Means Never Again” by Michael Gutter is released, a collection of writings on battling antisemitism, debunking hate group mistruths, and understanding Jewish history

“Never Again Still Means Never Again: Dismantling hate groups and other musings” by Amazon Bestselling Author Michael Gutter has been released worldwide. This 284-page work takes a fiery, compelling look at the history of antisemitism, from Hitler’s rise to power to...

About Mike Gutter, Author, and His Two Books

About Mike Gutter, Author, and His Two Books

Learn more about Mike Gutter, author of the bestselling Never Again Still Means Never Again.   About Mike Gutter I have probably watched every episode of “First Time Watching Schindler’s List” on YouTube. I got hooked on the viewers’ changing emotions throughout...