Never Again MEANS Never Again Excerpts

Never Again MEANS Never Again

I’ve written this book for those who need it most — the individuals who are involved in any type of hate group.


I should add that this book is more than a manifesto that unmasks the crazies. It’s a historical account that covers many events over roughly the last 100-plus years encapsulating Jews and Jewish life.


If you’re in the United States, Canada, England, Mexico, Guam, or wherever, and cling to every word in Mein Kampf, please understand that your American ancestors who lived outside of the Fatherland meant you could not be a Nazi, have Nazi ideals and you meant nothing to Hitler.


Let me show you a quick example of a lie. Ready? Hitler and all Nazis preached “purity” and “self-discipline” and were not allowed to take any drugs, as it’s one of the “backbones” of being an Aryan. Yes, I’m shocked too.


Yes, I’m a pissed-off Jew who is forging an initiative to attack this abuse “head-on,” so to speak. I’ve pursued the unvarnished truth of yesteryear and tracked the fallout experienced by Jews today.


There are times I call out the bigots harshly because of their ignorance, which hopefully dissipates with each fact provided.


No more passive tolerance to the antisemites. We must do more than point our fingers and scold the haters. We must now go on the offensive.


How utterly disingenuous Hitler was to launch a laundry list of “blame the Jews” slander into the world. Of course, he conveniently left out centuries upon centuries of noble Jewish feats and selfless contributions, which I highlight.


The fact that the Nation of Israel exists today, and that Jews from all over the world are alive today, is because our surviving ancestors had the intestinal fortitude to carry on.


You might be surprised at Hitler’s flip-flops on Christianity. First, he claimed to be a Christian and continued this subterfuge when convenient, although he actually despised Christianity.


When Hitler and his lackey’s discussed women can best be described by the old saying, “I’m not prejudiced; I hate everyone.” Take the “female” version of that from 1933–1945. At least Hitler was consistent, and here are his demeaning views on women.


Do a bit of online browsing and see for yourself that making lampshades from human skin was an actual Nazi occurrence amongst the hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of various brutalities those asshole monsters committed.

These topics are just a small sample of the enormous amount of topics I cover. Once you’ve read either book, I want to hear from you on our website.


I dedicate this book to my most significant inspiration, role model, and person of the highest character I’ve ever met or known — my grandfather, Julius Gutter.

– Author Michael s. gutter