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Five Star Review

Reviewed by Rabia Tanveer for Readers’ Favorite

Never Again STILL Means Never Again: Dismantling Hate Groups and Other Musings by Michael S. Gutter explores the topic of hate groups and how to dismantle them. It covers the history of hate groups in the United States, including neo-Nazi groups, and how they continue to operate and spread their messages of hate and intolerance. Gutter examines the various strategies that have been used to combat hate groups, including legal action, education, and community activism. It’s a deep look into antisemitism, racism, homophobia, and other reasons people have chosen to hate certain groups of people. Gutter uses his experience as well as some hefty research to bring a sound argument to the table.
In addition to the issue of hate groups, the narrative delves into other related topics, such as domestic violence, bullying, and the impact of technology on social relationships. Michael S. Gutter argues that these issues are all interconnected and require a holistic approach to address them effectively. Divided into 17 informative chapters, he ensures you have the information you need to prepare and protect yourself against the hate that you may face. Never Again STILL Means Never Again is a thought-provoking and interesting book that offers insights into this complex and challenging issue, and provides strategies and solutions for combating them. More than just a collection of thoughtful pieces, it heralds the beginning of the change we need to bring to make the world a more accepting place for all of us.

Five Star Review

Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite

Never Again STILL Means Never Again is a work of non-fiction in the social issues and current events subgenres. It is suitable for the general adult reading audience and was penned by author Michael S. Gutter. As the title suggests, this is a contemplative work about the state of affairs in the modern world and the deeply concerning resurgence of hate culture and follows on from the author’s previous highly emotive work on educating fellow Jewish people about their shared history. Debunking myths and common misconceptions placed in the mainstream narrative by antisemites, homophobes, racists, and other minority haters, the author hopes to provide factual resources to dismantle hatred and broken thinking.
Author Michael S. Gutter takes on a monumental task with this fascinating, insightful, and inspiring work, and this new volume of musings certainly delivers everything that it promises. I learned a lot from this work that will certainly aid me in correcting the misconceptions that I often hear others repeating blindly from the mainstream media with no research or context for themselves. I sincerely hope that anyone who reads this will suddenly be able to look at mainstream reporting and media culture with a much more critical eye afterward. One of the main things that caught me about the work was the author’s passion for the subject matter, which is clear in every careful phrasing and detailed well-researched, and developed argument. Overall, I would highly recommend Never Again STILL Means Never Again for readers seeking authentic history, facts, and cultural awareness beyond what the media tells us.

Five Star Review

Reviewed by Grace Ruhara for Readers’ Favorite

Michael S. Gutter is a Jew who has penned Never Again STILL Means Never Again. He has an enormous amount of anger, frustration, and disgust for the hate groups that have led to the destruction and death of millions of lives. He aims to expose the lies and falsities that have been told and passed on from generation to generation. He wishes to transform malignant belief systems into humane thinking people. Michael has analyzed the lies written by Hitler in Mein Kampf. For years, Hitler duped people into believing that the Jews were the cause of their woes. During his reign, we see the millions he starved, analogizing population reduction. We still cannot account for the Jews killed in wars. This is unfair to Jews since they always stood on the frontlines and volunteered to help. Despite the hate shown to Jews, they have thrived and seen accomplishments that have helped the world at large. They have also been at the forefront of bringing the best entertainment possible through films and writing, as well as the best in medical and technological innovation.
Michael S. Gutter is confident in what he is saying and the topic he addresses and discusses in Never Again STILL Means Never Again. The reference material he gives at the end back this up. These resources provide a form of credibility that shows Gutter has thoroughly researched his work. This made it believable for me and will help others learn more and confirm what they already know. I loved how he addresses the hate groups, which have consistently harmed their victims’ mental and physical health. This narrative will help them see the lies they’ve been told and, hopefully, change their minds.