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Never Again STILL MEANS Never Again


Author Michael Gutter has revised Book One into a version that anyone can read. Book Two, a G-rated, bestselling book, is trending in Jewish Religion categories but offers far more. As a historical overview and portal into Hitler’s reign, Book Two dissects antisemitism past and present.

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The book is filled with facts and opinions as only author Mike Gutter can deliver. He compels readers to reflect on truth vs. fiction in a massive attempt to draw hearts and minds from the dark side. He invites readers, including hate group members, to join his website forum and weigh in. The mission is to change hearts and minds.

About the Author

Michael S. Gutter is a businessman and proud, patriotic Jewish American who explores the hypocrisy of Hitler and destroys the “Blame the Jew” narrative once and for all.


Never Again MEANS Never Again

Dismantling hate groups and other musings

By Michael S. Gutter

Author Michael Gutter has written a Holocaust book that transcends World War II and addresses the ramifications of antisemitism and racism today. It’s a book like no other. His acerbic, witty, and raw sentiments are juxtaposed against extremely serious life-and-death topics. The disgusting truth is that the residual effects of the Holocaust still affect Jews and minorities. Various forms of Hitler worship, neo-Nazism, and hate-centric groups are active around the globe. The resulting antisemitism and racial targeting harm innocent people online and in person. Yet, nothing much is done about it, and Mike has had enough.

More than a Holocaust Book

This book is written for those who need it most — the individuals who are involved in any type of hate group. Once they grasp a clear and accurate depiction of the lies they’ve been told and the lies they are telling others, then perhaps they’ll see past the indoctrination and bias. Perhaps they’ll shake off the stranglehold of a malignant belief system.

They might even transform into the human beings they were meant to be and release their misplaced hate. Maybe they’ll finally realize their indoctrination has been based on lies, exaggeration, and falsities.


I dedicate this book to my most significant inspiration, role model, and person of the highest character I’ve ever met or known — my grandfather, Julius Gutter.

– Author Michael s. gutter