Change Won’t Happen if Everyone is Preaching to the Same Choir

Why bother hosting a forum in which racial discussions and debates take place? Well, a moderated forum, especially with the help of its members, opens a portal into the minds of others. People speak and act due to their belief systems, faulty or not. Understanding the source of someone’s ire, discontent, and hatred allows an opportunity to weigh in with alternate views.

As a Jewish man with a penchant for history, I’ve had my fair share of racial discussions, some quite noisy. I think conversations are most helpful when passion is involved and finding truth is the goal.

Truth. Even truth is a polarizing word because not everyone shares the same definition, even with the dictionary open.

Racial Discussions

Racial Discussions and Ideology

The question is, can people gather online and discuss their opposing views without going off the rails? I think so. However, there’s always a chance that violent ideology will raise its ugly head. The temptation to make threats hovers during meltdowns, especially in the underworld of neo-Nazism and blatant racism. Some are so energized and motivated by hate that they wallow in it. They cling to it like a childhood blanket.

Therein lies the challenge. How do we welcome all voices, free of censorship? How do we handle it when basest instincts kick in?

An agreement to abide by the forum’s Terms and Conditions of Use should help, meaning all voices are welcome. We want to hear from everyone. Be a keyboard warrior on behalf of your beliefs. Just don’t go overboard and resort to overly hostile rhetoric.

Connect with Us

Let’s do this! Sign up, jump in, and prepare to share. I hope the back-and-forth is as lively as the narrative in my book. This is a real opportunity to look into the minds of those who differ big time. Make a difference and join us!