You may wonder why I wrote two versions of basically the same book. The reason is, I wrote Book One in great anger. I was (and am) sick about recent and ongoing reports about hate crimes. I was (and am) sick of the plague of antisemitism that never seems to go away. And the writing reflected my anger. I cussed up a storm.

Then it dawned on me that, minus the expletives and dark humor, this book is a must-read for audiences of all ages. I “sanitized” it, so to speak, and published Book Two — a more sensitive take on Book One.

I’m sure some readers will buy both for comparison value, and I’m very gratified to see that Book Two has become an Amazon Bestseller in new releases. Thank you for buying and sharing these books, which are a total labor of love and my attempt to make our world a safer and more tolerant place.

two versionsTwo versions

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