Are you looking for an antisemitism book that will set your hair on fire? Never Again MEANS Never Again is a raw, no holds barred account that takes a deep dive into antisemitism, racism, homophobia and all forms of minority discrimination.

I weigh in on other subjects too, from the 1972 Olympics to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict to hate groups that plague society today. I write in a way that should resonate with Hitler worshipers and, hopefully, cause them to rethink their alliances. I cover it all with facts and opinions, largely targeted toward neo-Nazis, Aryans, and racists at home and abroad. The goal is to turn turn these extremists into former extremists, and guide them back to sanity.

I sincerely hope you’ll read my blog, which addresses topics in the book and provides information for our community. I’ll add  weekly posts and invite friends, guests, and board members to contribute their thoughts as well. Also, please join us on the forum, where everyone can weigh in. I think it’s very important to hear different opinions regarding problems and solutions.

Antisemitism Book

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Excerpts From an Antisemitism Book Like No Other

“To all the Hitler advocates and Mengele fans — are you parents? Do you have an ounce of love for your own children? Do you remember what event took place in your life that made it acceptable for you to endorse medical experimentation on children? Even if you have German ancestry, the chance of your children being “purebloods” is slim to impossible. Hitler’s definition of “Aryan” disqualifies your kiddos. To him, your little ones are nothing but unworthy mongrels. Well, not totally unworthy. They’d be fit for medical experimentation, right?”

“Do a bit of online browsing and see for yourself that making lampshades from human skin was an actual Nazi occurrence. Who in their right mind would condone it? Oh, wait — modern-day Aryans condone it, right? I mean, you can’t really cherry-pick your ideology when your hero is Hitler. You can’t really say, “Oh, I agree with all of Hitler’s tenets except turning people into lampshades.”

“All of you antisemites tarnish the “Greatest Generation.” Every American who served in Europe, the Pacific, and Africa fought, to maintain our freedom, fought for our allies, and fought so that Japan and every other nation understand: “No one comes into our house and pushes us around.” For someone to believe in a totalitarian dictatorship with murder and power as the top agenda, is reprehensible. You are a stain on our former soldiers’ legacies.”

“Do you hate groups want to know the definition of real toughness? Then study those who made it out of those camps and lived their lives. Those are people you should admire and respect, and none of those great people ever did anything to you, your family, your parents, or your grandparents…NOTHING.”

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