Bestselling NonfictionMy bestselling nonfiction book, Never Again Still Means Never Again, was published on November 22, 2022. Right away, I was pleased to see the Kindle version ranking on Amazon as:

  • #1 in Jewish History of Religion
  • #2 in History of Judaism
  • #11 in Jewish History (Kindle Store)

Never Again Still Means Never Again is my second book — an “appropriate for all general audiences” version of Book One, which has strong language. Book Two has the same facts, details, and historical value, but without the dark humor and expletives.

After the years spent researching and writing two books, it does my heart good to see that passion matters and truth is relevant. My efforts have not been in vain. Thanks to you, my readers, a vital message is being spread, and antisemitism and racism are being countered.

I dedicated this book to my most significant inspiration, role model, and person of the highest character I’ve ever met or known — my grandfather, Julius Gutter. Check out bestselling Book Two HERE, and let me know what you think!

Excerpts from Book Two, a bestselling nonfiction book on modern Jewish history:

I have written two books while keeping the content the same. The first book, Never Again MEANS Never Again, is written directly for any current or potential member of hate groups, antisemites, racists, homophobes, etc. as if I was speaking to them face-to-face.

Book Two relays the same content but is a bit less opinionated and without dark humor, insults, consistent anger and foul language. It can be read by all ages and in many places should be required reading.

This book will help clear up a lot of incorrect misnomers and information about Jews and American Jews.

Antisemitic groups directly affect us all. They gather in their meetings to plot ways to threaten us. It seems that we, the recipients of their smear campaigns (or worse), have no recourse. Or do we

All right, I did something that I thought I would never do — I forced myself to read all of Mein Kampf — every single line and lie.

Hitler either fashioned himself as a savior or justified his reason for war. Regardless, his delusions of grandeur pitted nations against nations in one of the most tragic and preventable global blow-ups in history.

The Jews and an untold number of other innocent people suffered persecution and unprecedented brutality simply due to their DNA, ethnicity, color, sexual orientation, and religious beliefs.

This book kicks off with World War I, dubbed “the war to end all wars,” due to the overwhelming and bloody destruction on multiple continents.

Let’s take a deeper dive into the post-WWI “punishment” for Germany, otherwise known as the Treaty of Versailles.

The Jews, a peaceful and industrious people, were never a threat to anyone. Not to Hitler. Not to their fellow Germans. They were harmless men, women, and children and a credit to their country. The Jews did nothing to Hitler to deserve the suffering and torment he inflicted on them. It was they who needed a defense against Hitler — and none was forthcoming in that police state.

We’ve discussed the mind trickery that influenced the Germans to carry out the atrocities — the carrot-and-stick approach to bending the people to Hitler’s will. Stand with him, and you’ll be able to feed your children and keep a roof over your head. Stand against him and die.

In order to explain the various levels of atrocities committed by the Nazis, I categorize them to hopefully explain their levels of horror against their own civilians to the levels of horror committed against other countries’ civilians and militaries.

How do you get normal people to do these kinds of acts? How do you find doctors who are this evil? Performing surgeries without anesthesia and medical experimentation on younger twins is a horrific concept.

These topics are just a small sample of the enormous amount of topics I cover. Once you’ve read either book, I want to hear from you on our website!