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    Mike Gutter

    Our mission is to tackle antisemitism and racism by inviting dissenting voices into our midst, nationally and worldwide. You must officially register with your full name, but if you wish to remain anonymous, then opt for an online username pseudonym.

    By using this forum, you agree to our Terms and Conditions of Use.

    Dismantling Hate Groups

    You are entering a forum that is designed to revolutionize discourse. We realize hate groups exist because unhappy, disgruntled people buy into the notion that some people don’t qualify as part of the human race.

    If that describes you, we’d like to shed light on the subject and provide a different perspective. The truth is, we’d like to change your mind. We want to change your heart, and thus our goal is to dismantle hate groups with facts and personal stories. The world will be a less toxic place for our children if we can accomplish this monumental feat. Just imagine how incredible humankind’s journey into the future will be…if we persevere.

    Your Online Presence

    Your voice and opinion matter, whether we agree or disagree. It matters because the recipients and targets of hate continue to suffer, even in this modern day and age. Here’s our chance to do something about it.

    If you are a member of a hate group, or if you hold something against minorities, we’d like to know why. We welcome opposing views and want to understand the rationale of prejudice, the draw of neo-Nazi organizations, and the basis for other racist philosophies.

    What drives you to hate your fellow human beings or hold them in low regard? Why do you feel that some people are better than others? Why the “Blame the Jews” rhetoric?

    What, specifically, have the Jews and other minorities done to cause you angst and fear? Please be honest — there is no path to peace and understanding without dialogue.

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